Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~Covenant of Love~Part 3

Crazy with worry for Abhi's condition, Nikki gets him admitted in Sanjeevani. The resident doctor examines the unconscious Abhimanyu and starts taking care of his wounds and requests Nikita to report the case. Not wanting to leave his side she tells the doctor, "I'll do it later doctor, I can't leave his side." The doctor chides her and tells her that she should know her responsibilities and do the necessary things. A worried Nikita files the report and rushes back to Abhi's side.

The doctor asks Nikita to fix the intravenous in Abhi's veins but a trembling Nikki is unable to do so. The doctor kindly asks her to wait in the lounge outside while he deals with the patient. With a heavy heart Nikki goes out and paces in the hallway when her phone buzzes. *Riddhima*'as soon as Nikki picks up the phone, a worried Ridzi asks " Nikki....where did you disappear? You didn't tell anyone....I was so worried for you...are you OK?"

Listening to her friend's familiar voice over the phone a sob escapes Nikki. "Nikki...why are you crying?....what is wrong?...please tell me....am scared now Nikki" Ridzi asks worried.

"I....I am fine Riddhima....but Abhi'."Nikki starts crying softly unable to control her emotions anymore.

"Dr. Modi....what happened Nikki....please stop crying and tell me...is he alright?" Riddhima speaks in a soothing tone.

"Accident....Hospital" informs Nikki between her tears.

"Dr. Modi is where?"Asks a shocked Riddhima on the phone

"ICU...please Ridzi, I need you, can you come here" cries a tearful Nikki on the phone.

"Calm down Nikki, calm down.....he'll be fine. I am coming OK'." Ridzi tries to calm her friend.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells a pacing Nikki that though Abhimanyu is fine, he has lost a lot of blood because of his two injuries. The cuts in his hands are also deep and the shoulder injury, which is old, hasn't healed as much as it should have. He informs her that Abhimanyu will need blood but unfortunately, his blood type is not available in the blood bank and she needs to get a donor.

"Sh....shoulder injury?.....What shoulder injury are you talking about?"Asks a confused Nikki

To this, the doctor explains to her that whatever Abhimanyu did to his arm which caused the cut, aggravated his shoulder injury, which he suffered a while ago. This resulted in his whole right arm being injured. The stab wound though not too deep, has still caused blood loss for which he will need some blood which she should arrange as soon as possible. A stunned Nikita gapes at the doctor who leaves her standing at the door to tend back to Abhimanyu.

"Shoulder injury? ....how...when?....oh blood ....I have to arrange for blood.....what will I do" worries Nikki and Ridzi finds her friend hyper and worried on reaching Sanjeevani. Seeing Riddhima, Nikki hugs her and when Ridzi asks "Nikki, how did this....what happened? He is alright na?" Nikki tells her how all this happened and breaks down while telling it.

"No....h....he needs blood....he didn't listen to me Riddhima....he is so stubborn....I told him he should treat his hand....h...he didn't listen...never listens...shoulder too...he never listens...just gets mad....never...L...Listens" rails Nikki, sobbing uncontrollably.

Riddhima fetches some water and calms her friend down and asks her to explain. Nikki tells him that she needs to arrange blood for him, to which Ridzi asks the blood type and then states that Armaan is the same blood type so maybe she should call him. Nikki starts to cry afresh, "Armaan hates A....Abhi....he won't come...my Abhi.....oh it's my fault .....Riddhima." Seeing Nikki so inconsolable, Ridzi gets up to call Armaan and asks him to come to the hospital as Nikki needs him.

A worried Armaan comes to the hospital and the scene which greets him shocks him. Nikki is inconsolable in Riddhima's arms and Ridzi lifts pleading eyes towards Armaan. On seeing Armaan, Nikki quietens suddenly and moves away from Riddhima and goes and stands near the ICU window from where she can see Abhi in the room.

Looking at the love of her life lying in the hospital bed unconscious, Nikki starts sobbing afresh. Armaan stares at his friend and turns in concern towards Riddhima.

"You are fine, she looks fine though she's crying so much....what is wrong....who needs blood?" asks a confused Armaan.

"Dr. Modi" says Riddhimma softly.

"What? Modi....no way" bellows Armaan.

Riddhima looks at him warningly but Nikki hears Armaan's outburst and refusal and her sobs become loud. She turns with tears streaming down her face.

"P...Please Armaan.....please don't say no.....don't hate him.....Abhi needs blood....please save him....please.....only you can save him.....please....I will die .... can't live ...please Armaan....please'" she pleads and begs Armaan becoming hysterical.

Armaan is shocked seeing Nikki in such a condition. He gathers her in his arms and soothes her down. "Ok...Ok ...Nikki....stop crying sweetie....he will be fine....of course he will be fine....kuch nahi hoga usse....I am here na....we will see what we can do.......you stop crying"

"No....No see....you have to help him.....his blood type is the same as yours....Armaan you have to agree....A...Abhi......all this is because of me.....he is stabbed....Armaan please....please."Nikki starts hyperventilating. Armaan frees himself from Nikki's death grip and looks inside the ICU. He shakes his head in disbelief at the scene before him. "Nikki.....I don't know how this happened but please stop crying. Yes...yes....I will give my blood.....you just calm down.....Modi will be fine." saying this he goes to talk to the doctor.

The doctor explains everything to Armaan and when Armaan tells him that he is here to donate blood the doctor asks him to take care of it as he knows what to do. When Armaan comes out of the ICU, Nikki rushes to him "A...Armaan what did he say....how is Abhi.....how does he look?....he will be fine na?.....will....will you ...b...blood" she questions him searching his face for answers.

"Nikki, get a grip on yourself. I don't know how you are involved in any of this but seriously ....why are you crying like this for him? It's not like he is your boyfriend or something." Snaps Armaan.

"It's my fault Armaan.....he got stabbed because he was trying to save me....from goons....A...Armaan....you don't understand...he...he's not a bad person....please don't be mad at him....please.... he needs blood." Nikki's tears start afresh.

Armaan sighs and signals Riddhima to take care of Nikki. "I have to go and give blood. You stop crying Nikki. Dr. Modi will be fine. Let me go now." Handing her to Ridzi, Armaan walks away. While Armaan is away, Riddhima tries to calm Nikki and asks her if she had eaten. Nikki nods her head.

"Is that a yes or no Nikki" asks Ridzi

"His hand is cut too....I don't know how....Riddhima....he is so mad at me....what if something...." blabbers Nikki .

Riddhima is shocked by Nikki's condition but understands that she is feeling guilty and also the fact that Nikki realized what Abhimanyu meant to her in the hospital and the fear of losing him was gnawing her inside. Riddhima sits her down and holds her hand and very calmly tells her, "Nikki, Dr. Modi will be fine. You will not lose him. He is in good hands but you need to be strong too. Please stop crying."

Nikki nods her head and tries her best to control her tears but her eyes keep darting to the window of the ICU. "I love him Riddhima.....how much ......I never knew....the thought of losing him almost killed me today. My Abhi in the hospital......this is all my fault.....you are right....I need to be strong....nothing will happen to him.....I love him so much "She says with a hint of tears in her voice.

"You what?" asks a shocked Armaan.

Nikki freezes at Armaan's voice. He comes in front of her and asks icily "You what?"

"L....L...love him" she says diffidently

"You are out of your mind......Riddhima ask her to go home and rest" an angry Armaan bites out

"A...Armaan....please......this is all because of me......don't be mad....please'' Nikki tries to gather her courage.

"All because of you....you have been repeating that since I have come here...... I want to know how" he questions.

"Armaan please sit......I will tell you" Nikki replies and haltingly, diffidently proceeds to tell Armaan how Abhimanyu ended up in the hospital.

"He saved you......I get that any self respecting man would have done that.....where does this love of yours figure in" asks an adamant Armaan.

"Armaan.....Abhimanyu Modi is a good man......he never used me.....he always helped me" and Nikki explains to Armaan how Abhimanyu always took care of her.

"You love him?Modi?....Nikki seriously how will you handle him?" asks an exasperated Armaan.

"With love" smiles Nikki

"Fine.....love him......Modi?Really Nikki." Armaan asks incredulously.

Riddhima sniggers at Armaan's state. "Riddhima....what are you laughing at.....you seem to approve of this ....this" says Armaan at a loss for words.

"You saw how much Nikki cares'.....Dr. Modi cares even more''he just came to the pool to ask if Nikki felt the same for him." says Riddhima.

"He does?" asks Nikki. "You knew?" asks Armaan incredulously.

"Well Nikki.....yes he does care a lot for you. Yes, Armaan I arranged for them to meet. You Armaan need to stop being her father and let Nikki win back her love. Will you help her?" She asks

"No.....I will not HELP her ruin her life." States Armaan

"Armaan ....if Abhi is my ruin....then I want to be ruined." Says Nikki softly

"Fine......whatever.....Ok Nikki......if you love him so much then I will help you......I will try I mean" says Armaan giving up.

Both Nikki and Riddhima hug him in joy and the doctor comes out and tells them that Abhi is doing much better, they are shifting him to the regular ward and they can visit him tomorrow.

"Can I ....can I please stay" Implores Nikki, finding it difficult to leave Abhi even for a second.

"If you want t.....'but only one of you can stay" warns the doctor.

Armaan and Riddhima leave and Nikki sits at Abhi's bedside holding his hand, caressing his face and looking at him with love filled eyes. "Come on open your eyes soon Dr. Modi.....you scared me so much.....I will never let you go" she whispers.

Abhimanyu opens his eyes to find Nikki asleep with her head on his shoulder.

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