Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~Covenant of Love~ Part 4

Disoriented, with aches all over, Abhimanyu turned to see the weight on his shoulder. Nikita sleeping on his shoulder took his breath away. He blinked his eyes to see if it was a dream or reality. He couldn't believe that the girl who made his heart do crazy flip flops was asleep snugly on him. He raised his right hand to touch her soft cheeks and screamed in agony. "Ouch.....what the." He trailed and looked around him. All memory came flooding back. His painful yell woke Nikki from her slumber. She gets up rubbing her eyes and looked straight into the dark eyes she was dreaming about. A beautiful smile spreads on her face.

"Abhi......Good morning.....how are you feeling?" she asks sweetly

"Like hell......all thanks to you" he replied sullenly

"I am sorry......you got hurt.......you are fine now......I'll take care of you" Nikki smiled, her love shining in her eyes and raises her hand to cup his cheek. He slaps her hand away from his cheek and takes a deep breath to control his churning emotions.

He tries to sit himself up and a curse escapes his lips at the pain which hits him. Nikki rushes forward to help him but he pushes her away and turns stormy eyes in her direction. "Stay.....away.....from.....me." he bites out every word. "B...But....you are 'hurt.....I...I was just helping you" stammers a confused Nikki.

"Don't you get it? Are you an idiot? I just don't want you near me....actually anywhere in my vicinity." he says bitterly.

His words shock Nikki. The very man who didn't think for a second before helping to save her from the goons was now acting like he could not stand to look at her. She plasters a smile on her face and goes forward in spite of his angry looks to help him up. He pushes her away and rings for a nurse. When the nurse comes in he asks for help to sit up. Although upset at his gesture, Nikki silently stands there thanking god that he is feeling better, better enough to fight with her.

"Can you call the attending doctor please" he requests the nurse.

When the nurse leaves, Nikki goes near him, "Your hand is cut Abhi, I don't know what you did, also the stab wound, you lost ..."she starts to tell him but he raises his hand to stop her.

"See Dr. Nikita, you are an intern here.....as much as I know of your capabilities, you must have panicked on seeing blood.....so please I would like to hear from the doctor and you can leave .....you know for work maybe." He snarls at her. Nikki's eyes widen in shock at hearing his nasty words.

"You....you are still mad at me?" she asks incredulously

"Dr. Nikita.....all this is because of your stupidity.....who asked you to come to my house and then you crash your car and the icing on the cake.....you start walking in the street late at night......please tell me have you ever met a thing called sense?.....I guess not......bewakoof ladki ho bilkul.....look what happened because of you." he pounced on her, all his anger and pain coming out on her in his bitter words.

Shocked at his tirade, tears spring into Nikki's eyes and she looks helplessly at him. At that moment the doctor enters and goes to check Abhimanyu. He tells him about his condition. He mentions that his shoulder injury had not healed properly and has resurfaced too. At the mention of the injury, Nikki looks questioningly at him but he avoids her eyes.

"Sh....Shoulder injury?" she questions the doctor

"Doctor I know what you mean'....I will take care of it.....thank you." cuts in Abhimanyu.

The doctor leaves and while going out he instructs Nikita to take care of Dr. Modi and make sure he is comfortable. Nikki smiles her affirmation but dreads the duty in her mind *oh god!Abhi is not going to make this easier for me.Kitna khadus hai yeh!!! Nikki tujhe bhi yehi mila tha pyaar karne ko!Armaan se toh keh diya hai ki "I will handle him"....please lord give me the strength* she prays.

Looking at her standing with her eyes closed and hands folded, "Well, are you praying for strength now?.....you will need it" he says quietly

At the sound of his voice, her eyes snap open, "I know....you can test a saint's patience" she counters.

"So, why are you still here?...Go" hurt creeps into his voice and eyes.

"Kahan jaaon......away from you? Sorry, can't" she shrugs coming closer "Are you hungry?"

"It didn't take you much time to go away that evening......no am not hungry" he replies softly and rings for the nurse. When the nurse walks in he tells her he is hungry and could she please get him something to eat. Nikki sighs at his impudence *Nikita Malhotra you have a fight on your hands*and shakes her head.

She walks out with the nurse and once out of Abhi's earshot tells her that she is in charge of taking care of Dr. Modi and she would take care of the food and the nurse could take care of her other duties. She then walks into the locker room and freshens herself. When she walks back into Abhi's ward, she sees that the food has arrived and Abhimanyu is making a clumsy attempt to eat with his left hand. She smiles at this walks into his line of vision.

"You ....again?" he asks. He rings for the nurse and when she comes in he asks her to help him eat. The nurse looks at Nikki and then tells him that Dr. Nikita will help him and she is busy and walks out. Abhimanyu is shocked at this. "I should fire this woman right now......is this a way to treat the patients" he says.

"Well it's my duty so you can't fire her. She only pointed it out to you." Smiles Nikki.

He ignores her and attempts to eat but is pretty much unsuccessful and pushes the plate away saying "I'm not hungry".

"You will never ask for help 'will you?" Nikki goes and sits next to him and starts feeding him. Instead of taking the bite from her hand he turns his face away.

"Abhi..." Nikki says softly "Eat".

"Not hungry" he says face turned to the other side.

"Abhi.....eat.....'you have to take the medicines too." She reasons but the handsome doctor ignores her , behaving like a kid.

"Come on Dr. Modi.....eat". He rings for the nurse adamantly. "She is not going to come.....so it's just you and me here." Nikki says. At this Abhimanyu looks at her in surprise. They stare at each other, Nikki's eyes full of love and Abhi's suspicious. Suddenly his stomach growls in hunger and Nikki bursts out laughing. "Open your mouth Abhi.....kha lo na baba". Abhimanyu glares at her but eats the food.

"Abhi .....is there some family which needs to be informed......you know.... about your accident" Nikki inquires.

"Don't worry about me Dr. Nikita......my mouth is not injured.....I will inform who I have t......and next time please let the nurse help me." He retorts

"You are impossible.....can't you reply to a simple question without being your mean self." Nikki loses her cool.

"Well if it bothers you so much Nurse Nikki.....why are you still here" he fights back

"I thought I cared.....but you make it impossible" she replies and turns to leave.

"I thought you cared too.....but I was wrong" stops Nikki in her tracks. She takes a deep breath collecting her strength and turns and looks into anguished eyes, which tears at her heart. She goes near him and cradles his cheek. "I care about you Abhi" she says.

"Really .....then care to leave me alone" he goes back to his angry self. Hearing this Nikki walks out.

She meets the other interns at the reception and Armaan and they start asking about Abhimanyu. She tells them that he is fine. Dr. Keerti distributes their duties and appoints Nikki to take care of Dr. Modi too. Anjie, Muskaan, Rahul and Atul look at her suspiciously.

"What?" she says

"You are going to look after him?" Atul asks

"That creep" says Anjie

"Woh machhar......pata nahi kya karta rehta hai'."Muskaan

"Guys, it's a duty ok......don't read too much into it......would any of you want to take the responsibility" Rahul jumps to her defense.

All of them raise their hands simultaneously a big NO ringing out. Nikki smiles at Rahul thankfully and everyone starts dispersing for their work. Armaan pulls Nikki aside, "Is he bothering you?" he asks. She shakes her head in the negative."Ok let me know if he does.....I will.." "Stop it Armaan , you promised to behave" Nikki interrupts him."Yeah" he makes a face and they both laugh.

Nikki gets busy with her duties but stops by at lunch time to visit Abhimanyu who she sees is covered with files and yelling at someone on the phone. She waits for the conversation to end and then shakes her head at him.

"You are supposed to rest not work" she starts gathering the papers which are spread on the bed. He slaps her hand away.

"I am a doctor too if you are forgetting.......don't order me about" he snaps.

"You are my patient Abhimanyu Modi" Nikki wags her finger at him.

"I am your ...Nothing" he spouts.

"You angry, crazy man......you are my...."Nikki stops suddenly and then turns to go. Abhimanyu catches her hand and winces at the pain which shoots through him. He pulls her closer and asks, " Your what?"

"Abhi.....leave me.....this is a hospital" Nikki struggles.

"Answer me Nikki.....or do you want Armaan's help" he says sarcastically.

"Armaan'.....why would I...." and her face turns a fiery red when she understands what he is implying.

"Yeah......you forgot.....I take advantage of you.....why do you keep coming here......if your friends see this they will think I am torturing you.....so Dr. Nikita......just get lost." He pushes her away.

"Stop it.....Armaan is not '" she tries to explain.

"I know about his saintly virtues.....that is why he is going to Delhi for a week's conference. Drs. Muskaan and Anjali are going to Panchgani at a children's camp and Drs. Atul and Riddhima are going to Sanjeevani Chennai for 2 weeks for a different conference. Dr. Rahul and you can take care of the duties here." He tells her everyone's punishment.

Nikki gasps at this and stares at him in shock. "Rahul and I?....there is so much work are you serious?" she asks

"Am I laughing here?" he answers. "The orders have already been passed so they should be packing.....now why were you here?" he gives a satisfied smile.

"To.....To....are you serious?...Rahul and I ......the whole sanjeevani?" she can't wrap her mind around what she just heard.

"Actually it just might only be you......Dr. Rahul will be leaving for a 2 week leave tomorrow." He says.

Nikki is lost for words before she can explode, she catches herself and turns to walk out. "Dr. Nikita, since the nurse won't come, because you asked her not to......my medicines please." He orders.

She gives him the medicines and walks out to the canteen where she meets the rest of the gang who are complaining about their sudden out of town trips. Nikki tells them that she gets the worst as she is going to be here all by herself.

"With Love" sniggers Armaan. Nikki looks daggers at him. The gang disperses and Armaan looks at Nikki, "With Love haan.....kar lo uss khadoos se pyaar......rahio yahan.....I won't see Riddhima for 2 weeks......can you believe it?" he gets all worked up.

"He is mad at us you know" she says taking his side.

"Arre khoon diya hai maine.......and still he's mad?" asks Armaan.

"Tumhara khoon type same hi hai na......and you hate him too.....you two will be the death of me......you go pack ......am going to be a ghost in sanjeevani....'din mein hospital ki duty and raat mein uss uss.....sadu ki" she gets up to leave.

"Nikki......you don't have to listen to him you know" Armaan tells her.

"It's just work Armaan......I'll be fine." She walks away

The next day flies for Nikki but she stops by at Abhi's ward and completes her duty toward him but in no mood to forgive he insults her every time. After her duty, she stops by when he is sleeping each night and spends sometime looking at his reports and results finding it difficult to leave him alone.

Two days later, emotionally and physically exhausted, Nikki walks in to give him his lunch as he is insistently ringing for it. He is standing facing the window and speaking lovingly into the phone. At the tone of his voice Nikki stops short wondering who he is speaking to so nicely.

"I know....don't worry baby." He speaks

*Baby? Who is that* wonders Nikki

"I am fine now......nothing happened......just a small accident ok" he continues lovingly.

*Oh family.....must be his sister or someone......I don't even know if he has any siblings......I should find out*smiles Nikki

"Ok.....I am keeping the phone now will call you soon......Daddy loves you too Tia, my princess.....daddy misses you too..... I will see you soon sweetheart" he signs off.

"Daddy?" shrieks a shocked Nikita.

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