Monday, February 1, 2010

~Covenant of Love~ Part 1

This part starts after the huge fight between Drs. Abhimanyu & Armaan on the poolside, at Dr. Keerti's wedding venue.


Nikki is a new intern at Sanjeevani who meets her childhood friend Dr. Armaan there , who is already an intern. She falls back in love with him while trying to help him win his girlfriend Riddhima. She decides to run but the new head of Sanjeevani, Dr. Abhimanyu Modi refuses to let her go and makes her stay and face the situation.

She tries to get him drunk, insult him by sending his dancing on the road SMS and blames him for teasing her. Nothing works and when Abhimanyu finds out it was all a prank, he returns her favor by getting her drunk. Then he finds out how lonely she is when she blurts out her pain to him while still drunk. His protective instincts kick in and he starts taking care of her.

He takes her to Armaan n Riddhima's roka and there their feelings for each other start to develop. A government servant called Patil comes in for the New sanjeevani Project Nikita is doing with Abhimanyu and he teases Nikita in a lecherous manner. Offended, she blames abhimanyu for using her and Armaan overhears and misinterprets everything. Abhimanyu and Armaan fight but Nikki's feelings for Abhimanyu come pouring out.

She tries to hide them but abhimanyu is having none of that. He confronts her at dr. Keerti's wedding venue but again Armaan steps in and pushes him in the pool while Nikki is tongue-tied. Abhimanyu leaves from there thanking Nikki.

The story starts now:

Abhimanyu's face haunted Nikita all through the wedding. When Drs. Keerti and Shubhankar were taking their vows, promising to love, respect and stand by each other, all Nikita could think was of Armaan pushing Abhi in the pool and she not uttering a word in his defense. How she had forgotten the most important covenant of love, respect.

She had stood mutely and watched Armaan,Atul, Muskaan and Anjali insult Abhimanyu. Had she herself not been admitting to Abhi about missing him, her eyes searching for him and was she not on the verge of admitting how much she loved him a minute ago before all hell had broken loose? Still all she had done was WATCH. Cry helplessly and Watch.

His eyes.... eyes which spoke volumes to her.... had reflected wait, shock, pain and finally outrage at her behavior. Not a single word....she had not uttered a single word and he had left thanking her for her behavior. Tears of shame filled her eyes. She had cried in Ridzi's arms but to make others happy had wiped her tears and plastered a smile on her face and attended the wedding. She had worn what the girls had suggested, not caring how she looked. The eyes whose appraisal she seeked were not going to be there.

The marriage went off well in spite of the riots. It was a small function but still a beautiful one as any celebration of love is. For Nikki everything passed off in a daze. Though love was palpable around her, her heart was filled with pain.....immense pain that it made breathing difficult sometimes.

She looked around her to take her mind off what had happened and saw Armaan helping Ridzi fix her dupatta and flirt with her as usual. They were smiling and teasing each other secure in their love. Rahul and Muskaan were talking animatedly and he could not take his eyes off her, sat there admiring her, oblivious of what she was speaking. Atul was trying to feed Anjali who as usual was trying to brush his affections off.

Tears of regret filled Nikki's beautiful big eyes. Her heart ached for Abhimanyu. All she wanted was Abhimanyu to be present ....with her....for her. Her hand automatically pressed the redial button on the phone ....but still... No response. "Where are you Abhi?" she worried.

Watching everyone enjoy the wedding was getting to her. She got up and started walking in a daze to the food table.

Riddhima turned around to see Nikki staring at the empty plate in her hand in the food line. She walked towards the petite girl and put her hand on her shoulder to garner her attention. Big black pools of pain looked back at her, taking her breath away. Riddhima touched Nikki's face lightly, "Eat must eat."

"Yeah" she replied and started walking away with the empty plate.

"Nikki, your plate is empty. You need to fill it before you can eat." Riddhima called after her retreating figure. Nikki looked down at the empty plate she was clutching, as if hanging on to dear life. Nodding, she went back to the table and filled her plate and stood staring. Riddhima walked her to a table and sat beside her. Nikki simply stared at the plate lost in thought.

Observing Nikki, Riddhima softly said, "Nikki, Dr. Modi will be fine. Please stop thinking about what happened. Eat something." Hearing the name echoing in her mind, Nikki looked at Riddhima and whispered painfully, "He is not alright. He is not answering my phone. I am worried sick about him. I can't eat, I can't think. I don't know what to do Ridzi. I am going out of mind with worry."

Looking at Nikita's worried face; Riddhima takes her friend's hand in her own, "Ok. ...If you want we can stop by his place and see if he is alright. Then you won't have to worry about him." A surprised Nikki looks at Riddhima, "N...No....he...he'll be really mad at me ...I...I can't go....he won't listen to me....he is not even picking up my calls."

Riddhima looks into Nikki's eyes, "Nikki, all through the evening your eyes were fixed on the door as if he might walk in any minute." Nikki shakes her head to indicate a No. Riddhima smiles, "I can't believe how Armaan behaved. I am sorry from his side Nikki. He is too possessive of his friends but you should have...." she trailed. Tears sprang into Nikki's eyes as the pool scene flashed before her eyes, "I don't know what to do." She whispered clutching her friend's hand.

"You should go and talk to him tomorrow" suggested Riddhima patting her hand lightly. "Apologize. He is a reasonable man, he will understand. It won't be easy Nikki as he is hurt and insulted ....but he will come around. He loves you Nikki"

Nikki shakes her head at Ridzi's statement "Will...will.....he be able to forgive me?"

"Nikki, when you love someone, you always forgive them. It will take some time but he won't be able to stay away from you. Don't worry, say sorry to him and see what happens" Riddhima explains to an unsure Nikki.

"Riddhima....tum yahan ho.....hey Ok....don't worry yaar enjoy's so much fun without that khadoos Modi here" Armaan comes looking for Riddhima and tries to cheer up Nikki.

Nikki's heart pains at Armaan's callous mention of Abhi but she gives him a tight smile and pretends to engage herself in eating. Armaan urges Ridzi to come with him as it's time for Vidaai and Ridzi excuses herself and they both leave.

"I'm sorry really really sorry.....I miss you so much" Nikki speaks to herself for the nth time.

Tired about worrying for Abhimanyu and conceding to Riddhima's line of thought, Nikki decides to check up on Abhi and ask his forgiveness. As everyone gets busy in the Vidaai function, Nikki slips away quietly and leaves for Abhimanyu's house determined to make everything right.

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