Tuesday, February 2, 2010

~Covenant of Love~ Part 2

At his house, a restless Abhimanyu is pacing, his ears ringing with the insults thrown at
him by the interns and the picture of him being pushed into the pool flashing in front of his eyes incessantly. Nikki...his Nikki....the child woman he had fallen hopelessly in love with, had not uttered a single word in his defense.

His mind shifts to their moments together; she had answered all his desperate questions with a soft nod of her head, her eyes filled with tears and emotions and she was melting at his touch. He relived the moment he had laid his eyes on her descending from the steps to the pool dressed in a beautiful white and silver salwar kameez. His heart had missed a beat. Her raven hair flying in the slight breeze, she had stood shyly in front of him. She had come and at that time he had thought that his love was invincible.

Armaan pushing him in the pool flashed before his eyes and he let out a growl of frustration. He would have killed him there and then but for what? The love he was doing it for had not uttered a word. He could see her heart break in her eyes but his own was in smithereens. Armaan had insinuated that he used her. Used? HA!....he worshiped her.....could not see his life without her.... but today....she had proved him wrong. She had let him be insulted and now his love....useless emotion anyways.... was dead....drowned in the same pool where he had been pushed.

His phone kept ringing.....Nikki Calling.."Now she wants to talk" he thinks cutting the call. Nikki kept calling and in a fit of anger Abhi threw the phone and it broke into pieces. Anger overtook sanity and he started destroying stuff around him. The vase went first, followed by all the books and then the table itself. So angry was he that he smashed the mirror with his bare right hand and the pain finally stopped him from his destruction spree. All he could think about was Armaan pushing him in the pool and Nikki watching!! His anger started growing in leaps and bounds and he decides to become the old professional Abhimanyu Modi. "I will set all of you straight....you all wait and watch....and Nikki...you will be sorry for what you did....actually did not do" he vows to himself.

A nervous Nikita reaches Abhi's house and stands unsure at his door. "He will be very angry....I should leave" she half turns to leave but her worry about his safety does not let her leave without an answer. She wrings the pallu of her saree , "What if he has....no I shouldn't think like that....he is a sensible person....he won't do something stupid.....please God let him be okay and please make him talk to me." She whispers to herself and lifts a trembling hand to knock at the door.

When no one answers for five seconds, she knocks again, harder this time. The door is flung open and Nikita's diffident gaze clashes with stormy black eyes and her heart misses a beat. Nikita standing before him all dressed up in a saree, takes Abhimanyu's breathe away. Her beauty and fear filled eyes touch his heart and he clenches his hand and the pain of his wound reminds him of the hurt. Looking at the beautiful girl standing nervously at his doorstep, softness creeps into his eyes but in a second his anger takes over and he moves to shut the door.

"Please, listen to me once" implores Nikita moving between the doors.

"Go away Nikita" he says softly in a voice laced with anger.

"No...I...I want to say..." she starts diffidently.

"There isn't anything you can say which will make a difference Nikita" Abhimanyu seethes between clenched teeth.

Nikki's eyes fill with tears at his harsh tone and she starts fumbling with her saree pallu undecided how to deal with the angry gaze watching her smallest movement.

"I am sorry" she whispers

"What for? You made your choice Dr. Nikita" he states flatly.

"No....Abhi...please...listen...its..its...not like that..."she moves to take his hand but he moves a step back.

At that moment, Nikki's eyes fall on the cut on his hand which is oozing blood. She lifts worried eyes towards the unflinching heated gaze. "A...Abhi...your hand is bleeding."she points. "

"And you care because..." he counters.

"It's bleeding .... Please clean the wound....it can get infected." she argues coming closer and trying to look at the wound.

"Dr. Nikita, thank you for the information, now please leave and don't dare touch me." He states bitterly snatching his arm away from her hold.

"No, I am not leaving Abhi.....please talk to me.... let me look...." she walks in to the house and stops mid-sentence when she looks at the destruction in the room. The broken mirror, the phone lying in half and the table destroyed in anger. Staring at the broken phone she avers, "I was calling all evening and was worried sick about you....you broke the phone? Do you know how worried I was about you?" her voice rises with a mixture of anger and concern.

"Get out right now Nikita," Abhimanyu points to the door his anger rising by the second and his tone dropping to a dangerous level.

"But Abhi...you are bleed..." she tries to reason unable to leave.

"Out....now" he says coming closer threateningly.

"Ab...Abhi...please...I ...I am...s...s...sorry" she takes a step back

"Don't ...out...now"he raises his finger warningly.

"A...Abhi...please....I ...I just...wanted to apologize." She takes a breath sharply when Abhimanyu suddenly covers the distance between them and grabs her by her shoulders.

"I have been asking nicely of you to get lost Nikki, but you do not listen." He snaps at her pulling her closer and punishing her with a kiss.

All his pent up emotions are relayed to Nikki in his kiss and when he feels Nikki's tears he pushes her away. A tearful Nikki looks at him with questions in her eyes. Mad at himself for his lack of control Abhimanyu turns and hits his injured hand against the wall.

"No...Abhi....stop", Nikki cries and rushes towards him, cradling his hand and starts to look at it, tears flowing freely now. He pushes her away harshly but she tries to come closer.

"Don't......stay away from me" he warns "Girls like you, whose whole idea is to make their internship easier by playing games with their boss are not someone I am interested in. No wonder you had to change three hospitals Nikita. Your games did not work anywhere did they?"He insinuates. "Oh I regret falling for you innocent act Nikita, you are not as innocent as you act. I have no use for you ....take your seduction attempts elsewhere and get out of my house right now." He points towards the door.

Shocked at his outburst, a sob escapes Nikki. With his insults ringing in her ears and his punishing kiss flashing before her eyes a disbelieving and heartbroken Nikki walks out of his house.

After her departure, guilt overtakes Abhimanyu and he starts berating himself for his actions.

SCRRECH....BAM.....at the loud noise Abhimanyu's heart lurches. He goes racing out and sees Nikki's car crashed into the wall. "Nikki" he speaks fearfully but takes a sigh of relief when she comes out unharmed.

Unfeeling and in a daze Nikki walks out on the street to catch a taxi to go home.

"Nikki" shouts Abhimanyu to get her attention but a sobbing Nikki keeps walking.

"Damn It!!....What is she doing?.....she never listens....this girl is trouble always" and fearing for her safety he decides to follow her in his car.

Unknowing and unfeeling to her surrounding; tears streaming down her cheeks, Nikita walks the street looking for a taxi. A few goons notice her walking alone and start following her.

"What the...Nikita Malhotra....tum bhi na" he shakes his head at goons closing in on Nikki.

One goon steps in front of her and Nikki stops abruptly, fear filling her eyes. "Abhi" she whispers.

"Arre Madam....tum ro rahi ho?" that goon asks and moves to wipe her tears.

"Hato door.....Help" she screams and tries to move away from the thugs. They start laughing at her and start passing lewd comments when Abhimanyu's car stops near them.

"Get in Nikki" he orders from the rolled down window. Taking a breath of relief she starts moving towards the car when one goon clasps her waist and stops her from getting out of their reach.

"Nooo...leave me....Abhi....help please....Abhi" she screams his name over and over struggling to get out of his hold.

Abhimanyu gets out of the car and fights with the young thugs and scares them away. The one holding Nikki throws her on him and takes out a knife. Abhi steps in front and starts advancing towards him while Nikki watches in shock.

"Inside the car Nikki" he orders her not taking his eyes of the young goon. Scared, the young man warns Abhi and they get into a tussle where Abhimanyu manages to hit the guy but also gets stabbed in the process. Looking at the blood on himself the young goon takes off.

Nikki rushes to Abhimanyu's side and sees a deep stab wound on his waist. Abhimanyu doubles up in pain and Nikki urges him to get in the car and tries her best to stop the bleeding.

"Hospital....now" Abhi manages to speak.

Nikki rushes him there but by the time they arrive at Sanjeevani , Abhi looses consciousness due to loss of blood.

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